Year End Awards

OCTA members (excluding sponsor members) are eligible to earn year end awards throughout the competition season. 

Download Schooling Show Year End Award Rules (PDF)
Download 2022 Horse Show Participation Record (PDF) | (.docx)

Download the list of 2020 winners (PDF)
Download the list of 2019 winners (PDF)

Schooling Show Year End Award Rules

  • Must be a current member of the Oklahoma Combined Training Association (OCTA) prior to competing
    in the show. Riders can join at the show prior to riding but membership form and fee must be turned into
    an OCTA officer or board member or OK Show Management prior to riding in the show.
  • Each rider/horse combination must compete in two Eventing shows—horse trials or combined tests except
    for Training and Preliminary levels.
  • Champion and Reserve Champion prizes along with 1st through 6th place ribbons will be awarded to horse/rider
    combinations based upon points earned from Dec. 1, 2021—Nov. 30, 2022 at horse trials or combined tests held
    at any facilities offering combined tests (dressage and stadium or cross country) or a horse trials (dressage,
    stadium, and cross country phases) whether it be in or out of the state of Oklahoma. Year End Awards will be
    given for the following divisions: Preliminary, Training, Senior Novice, Junior Novice, Senior Beginner Novice,
    Junior Beginner Novice, Senior Starter, Junior Starter, Senior Introductory, and Junior Introductory, Senior
    Grasshopper, and Junior Grasshopper.
  • Points are awarded per Horse/Rider/ Combination in each division.
  • Senior riders are 19 and over; Junior riders are 18 years old and under (age on January 1st of that year).
  • Divisions Defined: Dressage – Preliminary, Training, Novice, & Beg. Novice – Corresponding 2018 USEA tests,
    Starter, Introductory & Grasshopper – Intro. Level test (walk/trot only); Stadium Jumping – Preliminary—
    3’7”, Training – 3’3”, Novice-2’9”, Beg. Novice – 2’7”, Starter-2’4”, Introductory Level – 18” crossbars and
    Grasshopper—1’ cross bars; Cross Country Jumping – Preliminary—3’7”, Training – 3’3”, Novice-2’9”, Beg.
    Novice – 2’7”, Starter-2’4”, Introductory Level– 2’ and Grasshopper – 18″.
  • Each rider must submit a completed OCTA Schooling Show Participation Form (found on the OCTA website by December 1st so that points may be recorded and tallied. Attempts will be made to acquire schooling show results from all schooling shows in Oklahoma plus from shows in the surrounding states but ultimate responsibility of submitting show results is that of the participant.
  • Visit the Calendar on the OCTA website ( for a list of schooling combined tests and
    horse trials. Shows will also be advertised in the OCTA Newsletter.

Points for Placing at a Combined Test

# of Starters1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
11 or more14131211109

Points for Placing at a Horse Trial

# of Starters1st Place2nd Place3rd Place4th Place5th Place6th Place
11 or more201918171615